Springtime Eye Care Tips

Springtime lures us outside with its fair weather and outdoor activities, but it is also known for the start of allergy season and bright UV rays. Here is a list of eye care tips to help protect your eyes and vision while enjoying the spring.


Are you planning a sunny vacation for the spring? Remember to pack a hat to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.


Red, itchy, and teary eyes may be due to spring eye allergies, but talk with your Superior Vision eye care provider to help determine or rule out if your symptoms are due to an eye infection, dry eyes, or inflammation. They can help you with the appropriate course of treatment.


The demand for the latest style in sunglasses starts to increase in the spring. Select a pair of shades that block 100% of UV rays while staying at the height of fashion.


Polarized lenses are a good option if you spend a lot of time driving or are around water. They can help reduce the intensity of the reflection off of surfaces such as water, cars, and cement.


Spring brings a myriad of outdoor sports, including baseball, tennis, golf, and soccer – all of which have potential to cause eye injuries. If you or your family members play sports, talk with your eye care provider about wearing the proper eye protection or prescription eye protection.

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